Saturday, February 4, 2012

My husband's uncle is my business partner and he wants me to do this?

My husband's uncle is my business partner and he wants me to do this?

My husband uncle asked me to be my business partner on my online store. He put 10K on it and I put 12K as a capital. I am the primary worker on this business with him doing nothing. Anyways, one of our product line are designer cosmetic item. With retail business both online and offline going downhill...some of our inventory expired before I can even sold it. The problem is my husband's uncle wants me to sold the expired item while my conscience telling me its wrong to do it. I grew up with god fearing family and my father instill on me that it is better to be poor than to cheat other people. My husband telling me do it to avoid family feud. What is the best thing to do about in this situation. Thanks|||Be strong and stick to your values. Family members may be mad at you but it's not just selling an inferior product but the reputation of your company.

Plus you don't want to be one of those companies that some newscaster investigates expired products sent from online stores via the internet. Well maybe that won't happen but I commend you on trying to do the right thing.

One other thing though... since it's cosmetics that is expired, wouldn't it be ok to sell, say 1/2 off retail, noting that it's still a good product but past the manufacturer's expiration date?

Just a thought. Good Luck|||Quit and join the circus. No seriously report him and use the money you get to go on holiday, let the good times roll

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