Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What happened to game website? What happened to the Family Feud game?

Today, I went to hoping to be able to play family feud online. But, to my surprise, I was directed to this website that had nothing to do with games it's more like a search engine website. Did the original change to another web address? Does any one know where I can play Family Feud on line for free (not just a trial)? Please help!|||The owner of the site failed to pay the host of the server, or the person they were renting the url from, therefore it was taken down and will remain the "search" site until payment is continued or some one else purches/rents the rights to said site|||if you would all look properly on the site it directs you to ,it will tell you they are revamping it and will be back sometime 2007,if you knew about computers then you would know where to look to see whats going on

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|||@ilovepizza has changed their site to

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|||Still there!鈥?/a>|||maybe u spelt it wrong... or they could be just updating their website, so they sent u somewhere else in the meantime.|||

trust me it works i just went.|||I had the same problem, i'm guessing they are having server issues figured I would try again later.

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  1. when i go to uproar it gives me a site called Deals