Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Online multiplayer games?

hey i really want to find an online multiplayer game thats free and can download for macs. you know, like games that you can play with people all around the country and stuff? not something like dragon slaying nonsense like that. more like i play that but i got tired of it. i know there is an online family feud game. and i would love to play that but it doesnt work for macs. please help?|||Well, there is a game called Maple Story that isn't too bad (2D but can get addictive), Silkroad as mentioned before, Halo, or Runescape (a Medieval game).

It all depends on then genre.

Good luck finding your online game.

Anthony. |||Silkroad Online|||depends wat type of games ur into...the ones i play arnt free. they include Call of duty 4, Flight simulator X. if u like shooting games, then get call of duty 4...its not free though. and i dont know of any other good downloadable games.|||Silkroad, , Nexuiz, Nostale, oz world! those are just some suggestions

if you want more go to this site....

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