Saturday, February 4, 2012

Name a chore kids do 2 earn their allowance?

im playing family feud|||Taking out trash

Cleaning the house (dusting)

Washing dishes

Folding laundry

Cleaning their rooms|||clean their room, washing dishes, vaccuming, taking out the trash|||take out the trash and dishes.|||washing dishes


raking leaves

dusting|||take out the trash


Feed pets|||dishes

clean cat litter

mow the lawn|||trash


yard work


dusting|||clean kitchen

fold clothes|||take out the trash|||Washing dishes

Cleaning room|||Clean their room

Take out the garbage

Set the table

Put things away that belongs to them

Clean the bathroom

Clean out the garage

Help Mom %26amp; Dad around the house

Rake the leaves

Shovel the snow

Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher

Empty the dishwasher

Put clothes away|||My kids do the washing up and hoover the floors.|||Garbage, laundry, dog poo duty. I don't think they should get paid for just cleaning up after themselves, though.|||do the dishes|||Keep their rooms neat and presentable.|||laundry

washing up

keeping a tidy room

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